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Dynamic Infrastructures

With the Dynamic Infrastructures portfolio, Fujitsu created a unique and comprehensive offering of IT products, datacenter solutions, Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Managed Infrastructure services. This complete offering enables customers to make the most beneficial choices for their overall enterprise IT Infrastructure architecture and to select the most effective way to leverage alternative sourcing and delivery models at any time and around the globe. That is why Fujitsu calls it in plural: Dynamic Infrastructures.

Today and in the future, Business Leaders are looking for ways to respond to the challenging economic and competitive environment. Turbulent times force the Management to focus even more on business performance: increased efficiency, higher agility and enhanced reliability - the key enablers for dynamic business. IT plays a central role in driving these objectives. Increasingly, more and more IT decision makers are choosing IT-as-a-service and cloud-based offerings. Fujitsu's strategy is to help customers take advantage of cloud-based services to streamline and accelerate their business processes, application workloads and information services. And because customers' business needs, priorities, interests and adoption speeds continue to vary, Fujitsu offers different ways of building, organizing and managing IT infrastructures, combined with rich options when it comes to delivery methods.

With Dynamic Infrastructures, Fujitsu has developed a comprehensive portfolio of products, services and solutions to support its customers in improving their efficiency, higher the agility and enhanced reliability of IT. Fujitsu's Dynamic Infrastructures take IT flexibility and efficiency to the next level. As a result Fujitsu customers are ready to respond to rapidly changing needs in an optimal fashion. Based on state-of-the-art technologies, Fujitsu's Dynamic Infrastructures portfolio enables the seamless, real- time allocation of IT resources in line with current business processes demands. At the heart of the Dynamic Infrastructures is the intelligent and integrated usage of virtualization solutions, load balancing, plus orchestration and automation tools. Dynamic Infrastructures also include the integration of selected industry leading technology partners.

These tight alliances provide our customers privileged access to a full stack of highly integrated and best of breed technology and services.

Fujitsu's Dynamic Infrastructures portfolio provides flexible IT capacity - enabling businesses to respond more rapidly to changing needs in an efficient manner.

Core Products & Services:

Mobile Devices -Tablet PCs/Notebooks

With the ever changing working environment where the modern-day knowledge worker is always mobile. It has become crucial for employee to stay connected from remote locations. We shall offer mobile solutions by leveraging the strength of the latest and greatest Tablet PCs and Notebooksthat offer the perfect blend of performance, versatility and mobility. Our Tablet PCs and Notebooks are designed for business customers, including verticals such as Field Force Automation (FFA), Healthcare, Government, Education, Manufacturing, Insurance, and Finance.

    Value to clients:
  • Engineered and designed in Germany & Japan
  • First notebook with touchpad and modular bay functionality
  • Broadest mobile portfolio with 14 embedded 3G/UMTS notebooks
  • Advanced Theft Protection: data deletion and remote notebook disabling
  • Outstanding track record of quality built on more than 20 years of experience

Kingfin offers a range of PCs characterized by high ergonomic standards, sophisticated product concepts and the best value

    Value to clients:
  • Broadest portfolio of products with outstanding energy-saving
  • features and green certificates
  • Twinload - Flexible choice of operating systems for customers.
  • Easy to upgrade/downgrade the OS
  • Enhanced cooling concept and thermal management
  • Lowest background noise eliminates distraction

We have the perfect display for every customer. Featuring exceptional picture performance, ultra -fast response times and smart power-saving solutions. Plus the lasts ergonomic features to ensure hours of productivity.


Our serves ranges like the Fujitsu PRIMERGY helps an organization be ahead of the competition, by reacting quickly to changing business conditions, delivering high reliability and quality.

    Value to clients:
  • Flexibility - Efficient Solutions Built-to-order .The flexible custom supply model and our build to order process mean that only fully built and pre-tested solutions are shipped to customers, who can select from a broad range of models to meet individual needs

Kingfin will provide reliable storage solutions that afford our clients more flexibility, and more business value.

    Value to clients:
  • Our storage solutions feature outstanding scalability and state of the art technology which measure up to the toughest standards on the most fundamental benchmark of all: reliability. When businesses entrust their data to a storage solution, they need to be sure their data will remain retrievable for years to come.
Green IT Solutions

As energy costs have soared the corporate electricity bill has become a major focus in company boardrooms. And, on closer examination of consumption patterns, the truth has emerged: the IT department, with its power-hungry equipment and insistence on over-provisioning in order to avoid system outage is a major contributor to that bill, as well as the company's overall carbon footprint. For smart companies green IT is the way to go for their IT departments by doing more to monitor energy consumption, optimize system usage and deploy more energy efficient equipment in smarter ways and there's a wide range of new technologies and services available for them to do that. Through my company Kingfin Ltd I intend to support green initiatives by offering solutions and equipment from desktops, laptops, servers and storage.


Kingfin offers the most comprehensive range of document scanners available in the market today. Manufactured to the highest quality standards. The scanners we supply from tleading brands have excellent reputation for reliability

    Value to clients:
  • Protect important data (business continuity)
  • Increase productivity (access and share information faster)
  • Reduce reliance on paper/promote recycling
  • Save office space, reduce storage costs
  • Accelerate business processes (streamline business)
  • Accelerate business processes (streamline business)
  • Ensure regulatory compliance (adhere to government or other agency defined regulations)
Warranty and Services

Business critical hardware tasks require more support than a product warranty can offer